Xayaburi Dam HEPP

Mekong River - Lao PDR

Xayaburi Power Company Ltd.
Main Contractor:
CH Karnchang Lao Company Ltd.

Nam Ngum 2 HEPP

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Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme

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Kalayaan / Caliraya / Botocan HEPP

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The Project consists of Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 30,000 tonnes of Gates and Stoplogs.

7 x Surface Spillway Radial Gates 19m Span x 25m high.
4 x Low Level Outlet Radial Gates 12m span x 16m high.
1 x Maintenance Gate for the Lower Level Outlets.
Upstream and Downstream Stoplogs.
3 x Sets of Navigation Lock Mitre Gates 14m span x 28m high.
Water Feed System Bonneted Gates and Stoplogs.
Fish Attraction System Bonneted Gates and Stoplogs.
Power Intake Gates, Stoplogs and Trashracks.
Pumping Station 1 and 2 and Auxiliary Powerhouse complete with Pumps, Gates, and Stoplogs.
Fish Passing Facilities with over 70 Gates.
Operation of the Navigation Lock and Spillway Gates up to Commercial Operation Date.