Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme

South Africa

Eskom Holdings Ltd. (Electrical Generating Authority in South Africa)
Main Contractor:
CMI Joint Venture (CMC de Ravenna-Mavundla-Impregillo)

Xayaburi Dam HEPP

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Nam Ngum 2 HEPP

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Kalayaan / Caliraya / Botocan HEPP

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Ingula Project Description :

16,000 tonnes of Steel Linings, Penstocks and Bifurcations in Naxtra 700 and Naxtra 550 Q&T Steel. Minimum yield strengths of 700 MPA and 550 MPA.
6.6m to 5.235m diameter steel transitions in both LPHT tunnels.
220m of 5.235m diameter LPHT tunnel lining in both LPHT tunnels.
220m of 6.1m diameter vertical surge shaft lining in both vertical shafts.
985m of 5.1m diameter steel tunnel lining in both high pressure inclined shafts.
2 off 5.1m x 3.6m diameter bifurcations average thickness 80mm thick.
4 off steel penstocks 3.6m diameter x 70m long including thrust rings and cone to MIV.
4 off Draft tube linings 60 degree inclined shafts x approx 60m long.
4 x square to round transitions.